“Enfant Terrible”
Release date: Feb 2009.
“Tweek City”
Release date: 2005.
Songs “Circus” and “Riot Weekend” featured in the soundtrack of this film.
“Monkeys Throw Shit”
Release date: July 4th, 2002.
Available on CD BabyAmazon &
“H.E.A.R. This”
(Compilation) featuring… Visitor 42, White Trash Debutantes, Shonen Knife, Peter Coyote, The McRackins, Contractions, Avengers, Link 80, Motochrist, Other Star People, Texas Terri, Tongue, Lewd, Vktms, Climactics, and more.
Released Nov 2000. Available on Hopeless Records and Bay Area Records Stores
Amoeba Music (Berkeley, S.F.) , Tower Records (S.F.)
“Heavy Handed Hospitality”
Released Feb 2000 (CD $9.99)
Available on CD BabyAmazon&
“Combo Platter with Cheese ”
Released Dec 1999 (featuring tunes from Gnaw on it and Heavy Handed Hospitality)
Out of Print.
“Gnaw On It”
Released November 1997
Available on CD Baby, and Amazon.com&
Released April 1997
(Cassette – Out of Print)
Contains the songs: Sometimes, She Does Not Know, Society, Money in the Bank, State of Being, Song 18
“Early Demos”
CD Release Feb 2002This is a re-release of ‘Merge or Die’ and ‘S’ Demo on CD)
“Visitor 42″
Released August 1996
(Cassette – Out of Print)
Contains the songs: Society, Song 18 (Ng Lame), She Does Not Know, Society


“Merge or Die”
Released December 1995
(Cassette – Out of Print)
Contains the songs: She Does Not Know, Society, Down Syndrome, State of Being, Money in the Bank, Sometimes, Live Fast Die Young (Circle Jerks), Bosnia, Late Night, Your Cheatin’ Heart (Hank Williams, Sr.), Long Ago, Floyd the Barber (Nirvana), Numb.