Visitor 42 is both a parking space AND a San Francisco Bay Area band that pounds familiar traditions into a fresh mix of punk and rock, but not necessarily Punk Rock. Combining other notable influences from classic rock, psychedelia, and even grunge, the band creates a new and invigorating sound that defies easy classification. Alternating tempos, evolving moods, forthright vocals and constant energy of geologic magnitude rock social and personal themes throughout the music’s landscape.

The band has built a devoted following by playing infectious club shows, performing on radio and television, and recording four full length CDs.

Migrating from various other music projects, the band coalesced in 1996 to record their first CD, Gnaw on It. In heroic DIY fashion, V42 recorded 11 original songs and a cover of Hank William Sr.’s Your Cheatin’ Heart in an Oakland loft-studio over a weekend. The album’s “controlled chaos” was well received by fans and media. The band completed its second effort, Heavy Handed Hospitality, in 1999 and attracted attention with the tracks, United Police States, Everything, Cactus, and cover of the Rolling Stones’ Paint it Black. Each of these gained radio play and the band was featured on several college stations performing live shows. United Police States ascended to’s top 10 punk songs with virtually no publicity. Everything was included on the “H.E.A.R. This” (Compilation) featuring Visitor 42, White Trash Debutantes, Shonen Knife, Peter Coyote, The McRackins, Contractions, Avengers, Link 80, Motochrist, Other Star People, Texas Terri, Tongue, Lewd, Vktms, Climactics, and more. 2002 Monkey’s Throw Shit, launched in the height of the “New Garage” band revival, helped pave the way back to old school punk and rock traditions, blending a great mix of styles to welcome the return of rock and roll. “Monkeys Throw Shit” contained a variety of heavy-hitting sonic barrages that won over new fans, as well as captivate those of old. Long time bass player and vocalist “Nuker” left the band in 2006, however not before contributing to Visitor 42’s latest album “Enfant Terrrible” released in 2008.

After the release of “Enfant Terrible”,  Erik Core from Gunpowder filled in on bass for a few years, performing live with V42 at several shows.  In 2010 the band recruited MigMan from Did I Stutter and Left Out Lamont fame, for bass and vocals, and re-formed as the band as Raging Free Radicals. The band played several shows, and recorded an album’s worth of material, but then MigMan left to pursue his own project, Beta Ray, in fall of 2012.

Today Visitor 42 operates as a three piece, with Evil Dan moving to bass, Whumpis on guitar, and Skinny on drums, with all members sharing the vocal duties.  Reworking old classics, and creating new music to fit the three man band format, the group is eager to impress new fans with their stripped down sound.

Intelligentsia at esteemed music publications and other mass-media have praised the band’s products. “Kicks Ass!” and “the sickness began to sink in”, accompanied comparisons to such artists as the Ramones, Talking Heads, Black Flag, the Doors, the Velvet Underground and even Charles Bukowski.

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Current Lineup:

Skinny pounds on the skins with amazing dexterity and provides the ambient tribal rhythm which is the band’s back-beat, or “pocket” as it is called in the Western Nation. Like a volunteer tiger-trainer caught in the cage of an angry gorilla, he’s a true cowboy boldy riding the waves of the punk rock counter-culture. See the drums, hear the drums, feel the drums, and of course be the drums, “Danny Boy”, be the drums…Skinny is the trooper of the band, and the farthest away from the practice studio.  He often commutes up to an hour each way by a Flintstone’s style car (pedal power) to let out his creativity on the drums. He’s also played in the bands Illegal Action, Greg Volker and Deer Crossing, Problem, Year of the Wild Cat, and Raging Free Radicals.

Whumpis More hard-core! Whumpis believes that: fair is fair; plastic should be recycled and worn; and that by injecting a little chaos into an otherwise purposefully indifferent world, things may just turn around. For Whumpis, the guitar is an instrument to be played and punished. Bad guitar.  Whumpis has also played in the band Raging Free Radicals.


Evil Dan… He plays the four and six-string fiddles. A man looking for THE steak dinner on the Avenue of homeless vegetarians. The eye of the needle, our compass, pointing always to higher branches…the hard nucleus about which we form in time of war. Dan’s guitar is like someone reaching out to scratch an itchy nose, it’s what naturally happens and it’s the right thing to do. When Dan is not rocking out with V42 you can find him playing guitar in Gunpowder, and he is also host and executive producer of MusicLifeRadio. He has also played in Illegal Action, Lower Sound, Greg Volker and Deer Crossing, Lower Sound, and Raging Free Radicals.  Notice a trend?

Former members:

MigMan (2010-2012)…The Ace of Bass. The titan of tone. MigMan slaps the strings like they were a little dog on fire. And what a voice, screaming like a weasel with no friends nearby to hear, Mig could break the plexi-glass safety window of a drive-through Taco Bell in the hood with those pipes.  Mig was present for the era we like to refer to as Raging Free Radicals. Mig is currently playing in the band Beta Ray.

Erik Core (2007-2010) A real man-handler. Dreamer of dreams, spinner of tales, and maker of big beef burritos. He knows where the volume is on his bass and he is not afraid to turn it! Watch out you right-wing conservatives,when Erik comes into your town and he ain’t going to stop playing in your sandbox for nothing! You can find more Erik Core playing in the band Gunpowder.

Nuker (1996- 2006). The lady-killer, stalker of many women. A tacid, possibly misunderstood gentleman. “Kurt” as we call him, provides the audio-genic personality that comprises the band’s soul, while laying down the underlying, thunderous bass groove. When he’s not out on tour with the band, you can find him actively involved with his favorite political party: “Northern Californian’s for Nebraska Football.”. Nuker is currently raising two kids, and a little bit of hell, in Chicago.